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    Flash/ActionScript Interview Questions

    Level 7
      We are currently hiring for a Flash position. I am trying to come up with
      some good ActionScript questions for the interviews. I have looked all over
      the net and can't seem to find anything like what I am looking for.

      I don't want general programming questions like "when would you use an
      interface class?" So far I have the following... feel free to critique
      these questions.

      1. What are a few ways to cause an event to occur on a timed basis?
      2. How do you add a listener to another object? What are some of the
      built-in broadcasters?
      3. How would you create and use a custom broadcaster for the event
      "onNextItem" broadcasting to the MovieClip "itemSheet"?
      4. What are some of the primitive data types in Flash? What would be a
      foreseeable use of each?
      5. What are some of the complex data types in Flash? What could they be
      used for?
      6. Can you mix data types in an Array, what about an associative Array
      7. What are the two ways to create a new, empty object ready for use?
      8. What are the two ways to access a property of an object?
      9. What are some methods for getting data from a web server via the http
      10. Which built-in classes do you use the most?
      11. Which third party classes/libraries do you use?

      Please let me know if you can think of any others.