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    accordion change label

      I am trying to change the label on a accordion component. Basically I want to have the enduser pick colors in a movie clip and when they are done, I want to change the label header on the accordion to done and advance to the next Child. So I also need to know how to trigger the click on the next header to open the next child in code. I have searched everywhere including this forum. The same question was asked twice here and noone answered it.
      Thanks in advance

      Jim Robinson
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          I have done a search and it seems there is no answer to this question. You would think that using a component would make things easier, but that appears to be not the case. I hop in the future Adobe does a better jo in the documentation, so that we can use these components. I have no idea how to use the Calendar compnent either.

          But please if you know how to change the label in actionscript , please let us in on the secret.