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    getting the Flex component name which is created in Javascript

    avanthika Level 1


      I am going through the following FABridge sample


      in this Application, if we click on radio button we can create flex chart , datagrid so on.

      it is working fine.

      my problem is, for example when creating a chart component,

      if (code == "make_chart")
      newCode =
      'var chart = FABridge.example.create("mx.charts.ColumnChart");\n' +

      'chart.setName("chart0");\n' +

      'var s1 = FABridge.example.create("mx.charts.series.ColumnSeries");\n'+

      'var s2 = FABridge.example.create("mx.charts.series.ColumnSeries");\n'+

      'chart.setSeries( [s1, s2] );\n'+



      the code is used to make a chart component , ok this is fine;

      I want , if i click on the chart i want to get its name.

      so to get this i have add a following eventListener to the above code.

      'chart.addEventListener("click", function(event) {trace( this.name) } );

      trace is function which displays the value in a text box.

      but i could not get any name, in make_chart , we are setting the name ( chart.setName("chart0"), How to retrieve that name.

      any one please help me how to get this.