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    Glitch with combo boxes

      Hi all,
      In flash I have about 5 frames, each which have 7 combo boxes on them. The user selects the answers for each combo box and then clicks 'check' if they are correct they move on to the next frame. The only frame that is different is frame 3 which has combo boxes 4 and 5 missing because they do not apply for that particular question.
      Once the user moves on past frame 3, some of the combo boxes show up blank (they are there but the default Index 0 "select" does not show up. If you click on the combo box it opens and you can choose one of the 5 choices in it, but once you select one it won't show up either.
      Does anyone know the cause of this problem or a solution?

      P.S. The combo boxes all have the same instance name throughout the whole file of 'cbo1' through 'cbo7' and are reset to index 0 at the beginning of each new frame.