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    linking to page in .chm file

      I have several Word documents that I maintain that are already part of a .chm file. These Word documents are for the user to access from the software installation menu (auto run menu). I would like to link directly to the appropriate pages in the .chm file instead of the Word document, but have not been able to make it work.

      The cd auto run menu is html based and uses this link to open the .chm file.
      <a href="cmdRegFile||Docs/Help.chm"||Software Help">

      I have tried the following links, but have had no success.
      These first two open the .chm file, but not the specific page.
      <a href="cmdRegFile||Docs/Help.chm"#install.html||Software Help">
      <a href="cmdRegFile||Docs/Help.chm"::/install.html||Software Help">

      These two do not open the .chm file
      <a href="cmdRegFile||Docs/Help.chm#install.html"||Software Help">
      <a href="cmdRegFile||Docs/Help.chm::/install.html"||Software Help">
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          John1412 Level 1
          After more testing, I realized that i was not including the internal path for the topics when testing from a dos prompt. To make this work from a dos prompt use the following line assuming the dos prompt path is already set to the the location of the Help.chm file.
          hh mk:@MSITStore:Help.chm::/HelpFile\Install.htm

          It appears that the simply way to open a specific page from another software is to use the Topic ID's.