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    Pause button not Pausing all MCs

    rsinclair Level 1
      I have a Pause button on an animation that needs to stop the main timeline from moving, as well as any Movie Clips that are currently playing. I have the button set up and it stops the main timeline, as well as TWO of the MCs (?!), but there are several more it does not affect.

      All of the MCs that need to be Pausable have instance names, which I've tried to reference (even using the Targeting icon to pick the MC from a list, but none of the below formats work.

      In addition to the Main timeline, I can Pause TWO of the MCs (two instances of the same MC from the library), but not the others. There's nothing special/different about the unPausable MCs compared to the Pausable ones.

      These are some of the syntax variations I've tried to reference the MCs, which play from the main timeline.

      on (rollOver) {
      on (release) {
      _root.stop(); (WORKS!)
      _root.logoshake.stop(); (WORKS!)
      _root.linewave.stop(); (DOESN'T WORK!)
      this._parent.mc-dell.stop(); (DOESN'T WORK EITHER!)
      _parent.mc-ipod.stop(); (DOESN'T WORK EITHER!)
      _root.mc-gift.stop(); (DOESN'T WORK EITHER!)
      _root.mc-mini.stop(); (DOESN'T WORK EITHER!)
      _root.logoshake2.stop() (WORKS!)