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    i don't know actionscript.... HELP!!!!

      all the help documents offered within flex almost take it for granted that you already know actionscript, i have had a little expreience with flash actionscript 2, but i was completely lost, i just wasn't used to having to insert script all over the place without know whats top and whats bottom. now i come across flex, and flex inserts actionscript if you want to achieve complicated design, aaaaaaa anyway, im confused, can someone please exaplain what is going on to me, do i need to learn actionscript the flash way, i don't know, please help me out. my msn is germlin@hotmail.co.uk
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          jrunrandy Adobe Employee
          Have you looked at the Programming ActionScript 3 book? You can get it in PDF and through LiveDocs.
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            Well not only Flex help is bad... All Adobe/Macromedia Software’s provide terrible help content...Try this , type in Flex Help content a ‘tree’ , you get Cold fusion cftree explanation , well do you need cftree explanation ? I don’t need that , I need more Flex tree examples , and go to flash help content , and write if to get explanation about if structure or try to search ne(witch means not equal operators)
            And look what you get ……hundreds of results! Flex examples are terrible , just look at it , you get scared , some of examples are ‘OK” , but most of them are far to be helpful ! Yes they provide information like you already know they product, but there is no explanation for beginners! And now is AS3 and it's very different from AS2 and there is no documentations and no exemplas, nothing! Well you get examples in Flex, but it’s for specialists in AS but not for people with lower knowledge! Well I know AS2 and never had problems, but AS3 seems to bee very different! And many changes have been made (too many)! So for some of you, who were ‘Good’ in AS2, will become ‘Beginner’ in AS3 and Help documentation is not helpful! And I don’t think Adobe will make money on Flex products, it doesn’t support Coders with low level of knowledge with AS3! Well let’s wait for Flash 9, and then we will see!

            Also Adobe.com is very slow website, I don’t know why , but when I trying to get to the forms, it takes sometimes few minutes to be loaded …! I don’t know is it my PC? Or internet connection? I don’t have this problem with other websites, only with adobe!