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    Large Flash Files with Video

      I am a Cold Fusion programmer that was asked by the client to include some videos on the website. No big deal - converted from DVD to AVI and imported in to flash with a play button and off I went. Well the client wanted better quality video which meant I went from 3MB Flash to 100MB Flash. Well that isn't so good. I don't have access to a streaming video server (I could if I had to get it) so I was wondering if there was something for my novice Flash self to do so that I can "fake" a stream for these videos so I don't have to load the whole thing at once before it plays!

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          Nickels55 Level 2
          One option I have done is to clip my large videos into chapters and have flash go from one to the next automatically using a listener object.

          How does one go from having a 3 meg video to one that is over 100 megs? Did you try any in-between settings to get a 50 meg file? I don't see how your file size jumped crazy high like that.