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    FormMail in Flash?

      Hello all. I'm trying to put together a simple form in flash but have had trouble getting it to recognize the formmail.pl file in my cgi-bin folder. Do I need to indicate in the .swf file who the "recipient" is and if so, how and where to I type that information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The "join" form is currently under the "contact us" tab at www.elkhornpeakcellars.com if you'd like to see what fields are involved in the form itself. Thanks in advance.

      Below is the code at the first frame of my timeline:


      //-----<send form LoadVars>-----\\
      var gatherForm:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

      function sendForm() {
      gatherForm.email_to = "ken2@elkhornpeakcellars.com";
      gatherForm.visitor_comments = contactForm.userComments.text;
      gatherForm.visitor_name = contactForm.userName.text;
      gatherForm.visitor_email = contactForm.userEmail.text;

      gatherForm.send("../cgi-bin/formmail.pl", "_blank", "POST");
      //-----</send form LoadVars>-----\\

      _global.style.setStyle("fontFamily", "Bitstream Vera Sans Bold");
      _global.style.setStyle("embedFonts", true);
      _global.style.setStyle("FontSize", 12);
      _global.style.setStyle("color", 0x5C754E);

      //--------------------<submit button AS>---------------------\\

      this.contactForm.submitBtn.btnLabel.autoSize = "center";
      this.contactForm.submitBtn.btnLabel.text = "submit";

      // onRollOver
      this.contactForm.submitBtn.onRollOver = function() {
      contactForm.submitBtn.gotoAndStop (2);

      // onRollOut
      this.contactForm.submitBtn.onRollOut = function() {
      contactForm.submitBtn.gotoAndStop (1);

      // onRelease
      this.contactForm.submitBtn.onRelease = function() {
      if (contactForm.userEmail.text =="" || contactForm.userName.text == "" || contactForm.userComments.text == "") {
      gotoAndStop ("error");
      } else {
      gotoAndStop ("correct");

      //--------------------</submit button AS>---------------------\\