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    LoadVars??????? but how???

      I am making a movie that allows the user to start a VoIP call from my website and have the basic functions working. The user enters their number into a text field and then this data gets passed to a PHP page on my VoIP provider's site to initiate the call.

      What I want however, is to have the movie check the current server time and start the call only if it is within office hours. if it isn't, I want it to to to a contact form instead where it gathers the user's details and sends them to me either in an email or via SMS (if urgent)

      I have the both forms working well but I need to find the server time first so that the movie knows what form to use.

      I have searched the forums and have found that I need to use a server side script to generate this information and then bring it into the flash movie. I have found a great script over at Steven Herod's Site (Link) but have no idea how to bring this data into flash (I realise that I need to use the LoadVars function but from what I can see, there are so many versions that I am absolutely lost.

      Can anyone help by pointing me in the right direction with this one?? null Link