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    loadmovie help

      hey im trying to load this swf http://fishermenbasketball.50webs.com/musicplayeraaaa.swf into my flash movie but i want it in a certain spot I am terrible with scripting and I need lots of help i dont have any clue could any one help me with the command
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          create a movieclip (insert/new symbol/movieclip) with nothing on its timeline. find it in your library and position it on-stage in the position where you want the upper left of you swf to be positioned. give it an instance name (say, targetMC) and attached to a frame where you want to start the download of playeraaaa.swf use:

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            Make a an empty movieclip the same size as the clip you want to load into it, and place it on the stage exactly where you want it. (I always put a transparent box in my empty movieclips just so I can move them around easily.) Then, after you have placed in on the stage, put a frame script in the main movie timeline:

            loadMovie("pathname.swf", "empty_mc");

            where pathname.swf is the full pathname of your movie and empty_mc is the name of your empty movieclip.
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              kalibahlutwo Level 1
              oh, sorry, I didn't see this was already answered! We basically said the same thing anyway...