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    Edit page not working in Contribute

    Loretta C
      I have a site that I administer in Contribute, a user called today because they are not able to Edit a page. When you click the Edit button it just sits there. As the Administrator I try to go into the file and I can't get into it either. I even recreated the page in Dreamweaver and it is still hanging.

      I looked on the site and there is not a .lck on this file.

      Thank you in advance for any assistance.
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          Hi loretta,

          Sorry to hear that you have problems using contribute.

          Can you do the following and let me know:

          What is the version of contribute you are using?
          Which platform are you running on?

          1. Create a new page in contribute as non- admin
          2. Publish the page
          3. Edit the page again
          4. Publish the page. (Does this work?)

          Are you not able to edit any page on the site or is it specific to a page only?

          Would it be possible to debug your problem if you can setup another sample test site and upload the same roles to that site and send me connection keys for adminstrator and non-admin roles?

          You can email me directly at <amadas@adobe.com>
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            Loretta C Level 1
            I am using Contribute 3.
            I can create a new page as a user and send for review.
            I was able to get into the page and publish it under Administrator after sending it with a different user key.

            I will contact you with a test site info.

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              I have a similar problem - 2 users with role access to a folder can not edit a particular file. I'm using contribute 3.1 on Windows 2003 std ed. The users can edit all the other pages and they can even edit the "problem" page if I rename it. But they can't seem to edit this one particular page - it's file name is admin.html - is this by chance a "reserved" name in Contribute?
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                amadas Level 1
                hi jeff,

                can u try the same with trial version of Contribute 3.11...

                Can you check on your webserver if admin.html is set as default files to be picked up on connecting... nevertheless that shouldnt be a problem...