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    How to save data to disk, server

      Hi, I am rather new to flash, I wonder if someone can help me with this: is there a way to save data (a drawing the user would do within the flash application and a text they might type), so that it can be used by the flash program again? For example to have people be able to view drawings or text other people have created? Any tips about how is the best way to do this? I would be using a server that works with php (do not know if that is relevant).
      Thanks in advance!
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          hi julieta.... what you will need to do is have some form of php interaction, or database interaction.

          There is a way to save information, which is how this forum works. I can't even begin to start explaining it here, but if you want to start digging yourself, do some searches on MySQL and PHP. This is a huge topic, and there is a lot of information out there.
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            julieta Level 1
            Thanks... and what do I need in order for flash to interact with php/mymsql?
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              ddirk Level 1
              flash has built in php functionality... basically in the form of functions for sending/recieveing variables to and from a PHP file. I don't know enough about direct flash to mysql availiabity to help you much there

              Basically, flash can send variable to a PHP file, and the php file can then deal with the information, whether writing it to a database (mysql) or performing its own if/then type statements. If you don't have expereince with PHP, its a lot like actionscript in that its a web programming language. Be aware though, you will need to have PHP and MySQL installed on a server to use it... whether online, or installed on your computer that you are running a server off of.

              There is a lot of information out there, and both PHP and MySQL are free to download and use, but it is somewhat non-intuitive, and will require some research.