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    project renaming and remote topics

    Tech Writer KC Level 1
      If I change a project name, do I need to update the topic links pointing to it in other projects?

      For example, let's say I have the following:

      Project 1: NebraskaProject
      Topic: Omaha

      Project 2: Baseball
      Topic: Omaha Royals

      Let's say I want to rename Project 1 to just "Nebraska", using the "File | Rename Project" option from the RoboHelp menu.

      Let's also say that Project 2 has a topic, "Omaha Royals", with a (remote topic) hyperlink to a topic in Project 1, "Omaha".

      When I change the name of Project 1, will doing so automatically update the remote topic link? Or, will I need to go into Project 2, open the Omaha Royals topic, and manually update it?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          The project rename option only renames the underlying project files (e.g. .hhp, .ali, .hhc, .hhk, etc.) not the actual output or topic files. If you are outputting a CHM file you'll find the rename process leaves the original CHM file unchanged. For example renaming the project NebraskaProject to Nebraska leaves the CHM file with it's previous name and therefore the external links do not change and will work.