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    New Adobe Tech Comm FAQ posted for RoboHelp,

    johndaigle Level 4
      I know there's been a lot of interest in the future of RoboHelp and Framemaker and thought you would want to see this FAQ which was posted today.

      Even this lengthy FAQ does not address some of the "future features" in those products we all want to see. Still,
      it's nice to read something fresh, direct and published on this website instead of rumor.

      I like the logical synergy of the Technical Communications products and am glad that Adobe rescued RoboHelp.

      At WritersUA last April I got to talk to the engineers and product managers who are working away on the next version of RoboHelp and detected a genuine enthusiasm for its future. I'm as impatient as everyone else, and first quarter 2007 seems a long time. But I've learned that while Adobe's pace may be maddening, they are thorough in what they do.


      (Truth in posting: While I am not an employee of Adobe, I chair the RoboHelp Customer Advisory Forum and am an Adobe Certified RoboHelp/Captivate/Breeze instructor.)