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    Persistent background image?

      Hello -

      I have inherited a project at the company I work for. We had an outside group set up a flash app / site that has a number of scenes. What I want to do is have a background image that a user picks out, which is quite easy to do. The problem that I've run into is that when the site goes from scene to scene then the background image is reloaded and there's a slight flicker. The odd thing is that this happens even when run locally.

      So is there a way of having one MC in the opening scene that will load the image, then keep it persistent through the rest of the scenes?

      Code-wise I'm using the standard this.loadMovie("image.jpg"); snippet.

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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          if you must use scenes then you can't keep an externally loaded jpg persistent, and will have to reload it at the beginning of each scene with the code you described, and yes even if this is cached or local it's not absolutely instantaneous and there will be a flicker.

          There are two potential solutions and both of them adjust the way you've got your fla set up currently. Either:
          1. move all of your scenes into the one scene. This shouldn't cause too much havoc as scenes are just conceptual really. If you do this you can maintain the background movieclip throughout the 'scenes' and won't need to reload it.

          2. have your movie with its scenes(lets call it movie A) loaded into another movie(which we'll call movie B). The background is kept persistent in movie B regardless of what scene movie A is currently in.