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    DragManager.showFeedback() :

      During the drag and drop, I would like to change the cursor while the mouse is moving.

      I followed an example on page 888 from flex2_devguide.pdf. I added to the code:
      CursorManager.setCursor(pointerCursorInverseSymbol); right before the DragManager.doDrag function.

      Calling the .setCursor method while the mouse is moving seems to be a waste of resoures, and causes the mouseover and mouseout events to go bonkers. I don't want to do it this way.

      I researched on a method called showFeedback() from the DragManager object. This is obviously the preferred way to change the cursor for drag and drop. However, the showFeedback method only seems to accept STRINGS that define default cursors. I want to ".setCursor" for showFeedback.

      How do I do that?