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    pie chart colors

      another charting topic of mine that will probbaly go unanswered.... ;)

      i have succesfully used a series of colors in my css to define what my piechart series uses. however, instead of looping though the colors, starting withthe first color for the largest pie slice, it just picks the starting color at random. and random everytime i load the app. so the same pie chart has different color assignment randomly when you acces it. even though the data isnt changing...... anybody have any insight? anybody know how to get the damn ugly shadows off these things too? (pie charts specificlay, not bar/column charts) here is the css iuse for color:

      PieSeries {
      fills: #167bdc, #FF9900, #35A74D, #C92323, #FFCC00, #999999, #72C073, #ED6140, #2BDF94, #DC639D, #C4C4C4;

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          Hi -

          By default, PieSeries cycles the fill colors starting at the right side horizontal (3pm, in other words). And (oddly) it cycles counterclockwise through the colors. This counterclockwise direction is probably a bug.

          You can adjust where it begins by setting the startAngle property.

          I couldn't replicate the randomness you were experiencing. If you have some more code that shows it, please post it.

          As for the ugly shadows, as far as I know, this is an artifact of the itemRenderer, and unfortunately for PieCharts, the only supplied renderer is the WedgeItemRenderer. You're welcome to write a custom renderer, of course.


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            kuene Level 1
            thanks for that inisght on how the colors are assigne.d i'll play around with that, and also dig more into this random problem. i want to make sure im not crazy before posting code. thanks