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    How Do I Get The Text File To Load Properly With a Combo Box?

    ThinkSeed Level 1

      I'm so confused! I'm working in Flash MX 2004. Been doing different tutorials for 4 days and still can't make sense of how to do this.

      Ultimately, this is what I want to do:
      The user selects state or country from a drop down box and then a list of the stores from that location shows up in a box on the right. Sounds simple, right? I can't figure it out!

      This is my latest attempt:

      Here is the code I'm using in my Flash file:

      function change(evt){
      storeText.text = evt.target.selectedItem.data;
      comboBox.addEventListener("change", this);

      storeText is the textArea component instance on the right of the stage.

      I seem to have connected the right data from the array to show up in the right box. But now, how do I get the box on the right to load the text instead of the file name? I have tried different ways, but it tends to load the wrong file.

      Also, any thoughts on how to easily get the data in the textArea to scroll?