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    Setting conditional TOC problems

      Here's the thing,

      I am working on a rather large project using RH 7 from which i create a 400 page manual.

      In some cases at the TOC level i reference topics twice. This of course works fine when navigating the online help but is causing issues when creating printed documentation. Basically in quite a few cases i want to set a topic for online only in one section of the TOC and print only somewhere else. When i then produce the printed manual, any topics that i have set to online only that are referenced somewhere else are printed into Word as well.....

      Is there a way of setting a duplicated topic in the TOC to be both online and print only?

      I obviously know about these topics that i do not want to be printed into word and delete them accordingly. The problem is we are outsourcing all our documentation to be translated and although i can advice them to delete the topics, one less thing to worry about is a good thing when it comes to translations - especially as we are translating into Mandarin (gulp)

      I hope all this makes sense!