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    Seriously, SW Plugin scripted version detection

      In IE for Windows I've tried the tech note approach where you try to grab the version number from the "SWCtl.SWCtl" COM object in VBScript, and while this works on my machine, I have a user for whom this does not work in IE on Windows. I personally watched him install that plugin and run my SW app with it before I added my version test. I've also tried the variation where you test for "SWCtl.SWCtl." & i, and this apparently only works up to SW 8.

      At first all of the version detection game-playing was fun and novel, really, I enjoyed it, but seriously, it's not funny anymore. Adobe, I need to be able to detect SW 10 in IE on every Windows machine. The whole reason I chose SW over Java 3D with the Java plugin was to *minimize* user plugin installation pain.