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    CFCalendar mouse over date

    Mr_Pappy Level 1

      I have a db with dates and content for each date.
      I am using the cfcalendar.
      I am attempting to get the date info (the var name is #content#) to appear on the "onmuseover" (so it appears when the mouse moves over the date).

      Please can someone assist me with this.

      You can see what i am talking about by going to the following link.
      Click here to see the calendar
      Click on 28 July and Press "GO"
      You will then see the data which needs to appear onmouseover.

      I hope someone can help!
      Deadline is rapidly approaching for me!

      Mr Pappy
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          jdeline Level 1
          Since you want this to be a client-side operation, you need to use either JavaScript, CSS or DHTM or some combination of them. I have used the Anylink CSS menu script at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ with great success. While the example below is used in a nav bar, the stuff between the <div> </div> tags can be anything - you can populate it dynamically from a database query that pulls the events for each day of the month.