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    Need to link text within movie template

      Hi all,

      I downloaded a flash site template (some time ago) that I'm just getting round to using. I don't recall if support was offered when I bought the site. If so, I've long since lost the link to that support. So, I'm turning here for help.

      The site in question is www.plumbingsystems.net. Within the template there are individual movies. One of these movies is titled, "Text Area." I don't believe I can actually post this movie for review but I'm hoping by posting the text layout under "actions" that someone out there might be able to tell me how this text can be formatted and, most importantly, if the text can be linked to other URLs. Specifically, I want to take the text that makes up the "Client List" text and link some of the client names to external URLs with photos of the client's work. Here is how the text appears within the "actions" panel of the Text Area movie:

      text = "With decades of experience in commercial and industrial plumbing, the owner and employees of Plumbing Systems understand the needs of contractors. We provide expertise with numerous specialty piping services, reliability in meeting timelines and a commitment to working within budget."+newline+newline+"Having worked jobs from 4,000 to 400,000 square feet and covered projects from commercial kitchens to malls and medical centers, we’re familiar with the challenges of both large and small scale projects. We can offer up everything from planning and design of a job, to installation and maintenance."+newline+newline+"Our ability to handle a project from planning through completion has allowed us to build long-term working relationships with some of the country’s top companies. Take a look at our client list, projects and other links. We think you’ll see why Plumbing Systems is the logical choice for contractors looking to partner with success.";

      Again, I need to know if/how this type of text can be made to a live link to a URL. Is this possible? I'd appreciate any help. This has confounded me, on and off, for a long time with these types of templates.