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    Flex, cf server instances and RDS

      I want to enable RDS in Flex Builder 2 and I'm getting an error. Having researched the issue, I believe my server configuration may be the problem.

      I'm really confused as to what the true problem is and what to do about it. I came across a document that made me think I may have multiple instances of the coldfusion server running. It also mentioned that RDS would not work in that case. How can I tell if I'm running multiple instances?

      Other documents have made mention of port specifications being the problem. I'm running IIS on WinXP pro. I do know that the port should be 80 and specifying port 80 makes no difference. That's why I'm now questioning the possibility of multiple instances being the problem.

      When I open the JRun Management Console, I can see three servers running. They are admin, cfusion, and samples. Does this mean I have multiple server instances running as far as RDS is concerned? If not, what do I need to do to find out.

      I'm tempted to uninstall and reinstall everything on my computer to try to get this to work but I don't want to do that if I don't have to. Any help is greatly appreciated.