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    How to determine network restrictions?

      I'm developing a Flash widget for use on a variety of social networking sites that depends on the getURL() function to go to an external Web site. Unfortunately, some sites are putting the 'allowNetworking="internal"' attribute into the embed and/or object tag, preventing this functionality (such as in this example).

      To get around this, I'd like to provide an alternative for users that displays the link to go to which they can copy and paste into their Web browser. However, I need to get the value of the allowNetworking attribute, or otherwise determine what security restrictions are in effect using ActionScript so I can provide this alternative. I cannot depend on JavaScript communications or FlashVars to do this.

      Is there any way I can do this using Flash 8/ActionScript 2.0? Or is there Flash 9/AS 3.0-specific code I can use that will degrade gracefully in Flash 8/AS2.0?