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    Help with creating a 5 minute flash animation

      My friends and I are trying to make a flash animation. We each have our own individual parts we are working on. And we want to know if there's a way to put all the (.fla) files together in when we're finished to make only one file that will be the flash movie or if what we have to do is work only on one original .fla file which would be extremely long as far as timeline, effects, etc. to make a flash animation movie.
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          Walter Elias Level 2
          You can certainly copy and paste everything onto one long timeline when everyone's done. But depending on your computer setup, the resulting FLA could be very clunky to work on.

          Also, it will produce a rather large SWF, which if put online, will make for long loading times. Remember, not everyone has broadband. Plus, it could bog down a viewer's system. It is common to produce several separate SWFs, one for each major scene, then use another SWF as a wrapper, using loadMovie to load the first SWF, and then while it's playing, starting to download the second one, and so on. Then your animation will start playing quickly, and should continue to play seamlessly.