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    Webservice: Flex to CFC


      I'm triing to send a complex Object (AS) from Flex to a simple test Webservice CFC.
      If I create an Object in ActionScript an send this to my Webservice, the Object will not be received from the CFC ( return String is "NO").

      How can I send a complex Object to my CFC and read the variables ?

      Thx for any help.


      <cffunction name="writeTimerChange" output="false" access="remote" returntype="String">
      <cfargument required="no" name="Gewinnzeit" type="any">
      <cfset ret = #isdefined("Gewinnzeit")#>
      <cfreturn ret>

      public class Gewinnzeit {
      public var ID:int;
      public var timestamp:Date;
      public var gewinnzahl:int;
      public var count:int;
      public var gewinner:String;
      public var gewinnerID:int;

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          Can you post the mxml/as you are using to invoke the webservice too. From what I can see here, what you are doing should work. The AS Class should come into CF as a struct and back out as a struct or generic AS Object() (if you returned it).