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    Context Sensitive Help in .Net V2

    kfielder Level 1
      I’m using VB .Net with Visual Studio 2005. I have context sensitive help working with my HTML help project using the Help Provider. (I’m not using a map file.) Everything works except I can’t figure out how to specify the window. Has anyone done this?
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          Sorry, I probably can't help your problem.
          I am trying to establish context sensitive mapping in my vb.net app. Which object property do you put the map id info in? and what does the entry look like?
          I can't quite get it from the help files. I'd really appreciate any assistance you coluld offer.

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            kfielder Level 1
            Are you using the help provider? (I couldn’t find any information on using a map file in VS 2005, so I went with the help provider.) If so, here are the settings I used:

            Drop the help provider onto the form. In the properties, set the HelpNamespace to the path and file name for your help file.
            Then in the form properties, set the HelpKeyword property to topic.htm (where topic.htm is the file name of your topic). If you use subfolders to organize your topics, you need to put foldername\topic.htm. Set the HelpNavigator property to Topic.

            That’s all I did and it works (except not being able to figure out where to specify what window to open help in.)