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    DateChooser:some marked days

      I need mark or active same days in DateChooser. If I use disabledRanges desactive the days...If I need mark one day I need disactivate mark 364 day in the year.
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          Kishan M V Adobe Employee

          Can you please explain in detail about the issue you are facing.

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            peterent Level 2
            I'm afraid you do need to come up with a set of ranges for the days to disable. Unfortunately the DateChooser does not have a way to enable just a few days, disabling all of the rest.

            Suppose you only want May 6, 2006 and June 8, 2006 to be enabled and selectable. At least this is what I think you are asking. To do this you need to create 3 ranges:

            {rangeEnd:new Date(2006,4,5)}, {rangeStart:new Date(2006,4,7), rangeEnd:new Date(2006,5,7)},
            {rangeStart:new Date(2006,5,9)}

            The first range disables all of the day up to May (month 4, with January being month 0) 5th. The second disables the days between May 7 and June 7. The last range disables all of the days after June 9.
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              Leandroat Level 1
              I need active 3 or more days, for example: 02/03/2006, 05/03/2006, 10/03/2006 (DD/MM/YYYY). I need a script that receive certain dates and mount the datachooser. if the dates will be random???I haven't an idea!