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    Importing videos?

      Okay, I go to 'import video' and it asks me to browse for it. I click it and click open. Now what? The window I'm in only has an 'x' button! No 'okay' button! How do I import a video? If I click the 'x' button, it just exits me and I don't get the video. And yes, it's the right file type.
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          Nickels55 Level 2
          Something is screwey. If it is an FLV as you seems very confident that it is...
          just make a new document, drag the FLVplayback component to the stage, clcik on it, open up the Component Inspector window and enter all of the info manually (skin, content path, buffer time, etc...)

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            Erik_The_Kitsune Level 1
            Ehehehehe the funny thing about that is... it's a wmv. But shouldn't it still be the right file? Its a windows media video file.. And I recorded it with my webcam, I've been it done before.. And if I drag it from its folder onto the stage nothing happens