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    Disable FLV Playback Buttons Temporarily

      I have an FLV Component on stage, controlled by ActionScript. I've got code to listen for a cuepoint, pause the movie, etc. But, I want to disable the use of ALL component buttons until I re-enable them. How? Can I just reassign the buttons to no actions? I don't know what they're called, etc.
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          Hi muzicman82 (i like your name),

          i work almost everyday with flv but never with FLV component. So, im afraid im not gonna be a big help.

          But, even if i think this component have a disable/enable buttons method (if not, it should), if you find the name of those buttons you can use the enabled property of movieClip.

          ex: playBtn.enabled = true; or playBtn.enabled = false;

          With this you dont have to reasign the action when re-enabling the button and also if you disabled the button by reassigning no action to it, your button will still be clickable.

          //--> doesnt work; i try it and only get the property of the component ... i learned something (**** components lol);
          Now, to have an idea of whats the name of those buttons you can try a "for in" loop like this (not sure if its gonna work with components):

          for(var each in myComponantName){
          // <--

          Hope it will help you!