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    Flash Presentation sound problems

      greetings Flasher,

      i've been having a small problem for a while and i can't come up with a solution, eventhough i know it will be something stupid.

      I have a large Flash 8 Presentation in which each slide contains a streaming audio file.
      When navigating (with keys) i have noticed that when slides change the audio from previous slide doesn't stop playing, meaning that i have 2 streaming sounds playing at once. Not really something favorable if you get the point;

      anyone with a quick fix?

      greets /me
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          I have no idea if this will work and don't blame me if it doesn't, but have you tried putting this piece of ActionScript on the slide where you want the sound to stop playing:
          I hope this helps.
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            ghereg Level 1

            It is not really a problem of stopping all sounds or stooping sounds on a special slide.

            It's a problem of sounds not stopping when users navigate through the presentation using the keys and not waiting until a slide has finished.

            So i have no idea when a user will be switching so i can't put stopAllSounds(); on a specific slide.

            But thanks for the idea/reply, appreciate it.

            greets /me