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    Use Fade and/or Dissolve

    eholz1 Level 1
      Hello Forum,
      I am just looking at Flex. That means I am somewhat "handicapped" in how to correctly get things done.
      I am very familiar with ActionScript (2 and 3) and Flash.

      I am trying to develop a simple html page (not one as complex as the photoviewer program that is a really good Flex 2 demo). I want to load one image on the page when it initializes. Then (perhaps using a buttonbar), when the user rolls over a button, the first image fades out, and an image related to the rollover fades in. something with happen if the user clicks the button.

      If the user rolls off button 1, and over button 2, an image associated with button 2 gets "loaded" and the previous image fades out, and the one associated with button 2 fades in.

      I have yet to get this to work very well. I have tried just an image tag, and loading the source, but the fadei n fade out and who is visible and who is not visible is a problem. I have tried using a view stack, but this requires a Hbox or Vbox, before it will take an image tag. My initial thought was to use one image tag, and load the source when user rolls over a button. I am only dealing with 5 images.

      Any suggestions on how to do this? Also I am using png images, but the quality displayed in Flex is poor.
      The images are sharp and clear when examined in Photoshop, and other apps (Flash, etc).