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    Need help with a ramp (jump)

      I am trying to figure out how to make an object (car, bike, skateboard, ski jumper) move across the screen and go up a ramp and continue its simulated physics (doesn't have to be accurate).

      So far I have gravity, forward motion, and a ground that the object will not fall through. But I cannot get the object to go up the ramp (its bounds are square and even if I pen draw a triangle).
      Since it is an elongated object, I need to rotate it too. It seems that it will only allow me to rotate the object or shift the obect upward. So is there any way to make the object follow the ramp?

      I'm not looking for a set path as I want the distance jumped to be different depending on the users input.

      Any help, sample code, or places that could give me clues would be greatly appreciated!