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    Help with Sound

      Hi Flashers
      Could some one help me with getting a sound track to continue playing unintterupted through all the scenes of my site..it either stops and starts again with a different scene, or the next scene starts the same track again ..with the first playing still going!!...Probably a simple thing..but not for me!!
      Thanks if you can help..
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          Walter Elias Level 2
          Your own message gives the answer:

          "next scene starts the same track again ..with the first playing still going"

          You can set up the music in scene 1 and it should continue playing in scene 2 and so on.

          However, the best solution is to not use Scenes. Although Flash has had this feature of separate Scenes for a long time, it has never handled Scenes very well. Makes a mess of scripting and everything else. To really be able to tightly control everything about your movie - soundtrack, timing and code - put everything onto one long timeline. Just cut all your scenes after Scene 1 and then paste them into Scene 1. You can use timeline frame labels to identify the beginning and end of scenes. This is really a much more effective way to work.

          I've been using Flash to do cartoon animation for around 5 years. Even for longer episodes, the only times I would ever divide a movie into scenes is for broadcast output, working with scratch tracks for the audio, and then applying the final soundtrack after rendering from Flash.