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    Actionscript woes

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      Within a movie, if you mouseover a button, another clip plays (spinning DVD). However, when you continue to mouseover the button and reach the spinning DVD inside the button, it disappears. When you click on the area where the spinning DVD is suppose to be at, it appears and will be allowed to be dragged and dropped into a DVD Player to launch a movie clip (flv). Why does mouseover a clip make it disappear when it is visible during mouseover the button? The spinning DVD is inside the button area. Thanks in advance for your help. I'm in the U.S. Army and there is no one else to turn too.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          post a link to your fla.
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            1. The behaviour you are encountering:

            The button contain 4 frames. i) The second frame is the rollover state. So if you roll out from the button area, the spinning DVD will disappear (i.e. the current frame for the button becomes the first frame). ii) The last frame defines the hotspot area. This is not defined - as I suspect in your case. And therefore the odd appearance of the disk when you roll over its area.

            2. Possible solution:
            To have better control over movie clips, you need to put the spinning DVD outside the button and run it using actionscript. There are many ways of proceeding so if you need more info, let me know.