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    scrollpane with dynamic movie clip

      I'm new to flash and I have been asked by my boss to add some features to an existing flash document. I am dealing with a movie clip that attaches a varying number of other movie clips dynamically at run time. These movie clips are added in a list format, vertically, one per row, and so if there are enough of the clips, they will extend to far out of the containing movie clip's boundaries... thus a scrollpane must be used to allow for scrolling. I've looked in several tutorials and at the provided help, but I cannot get the scroll pane to contain the movie clips correctly. Every time it runs, I see the empty scrollpane that i created, and then the clips underneath, as if they are just two seperate layers... so here's what I've been doing:

      - I add the scrollpane to the stage and size it so that it fits around the container clip that holds the "list" of clips (although I'm not sure resizing it is even necessary).

      - I go to the parameters of the scrollpane and for "contentPath," I type the name of the clip from the library that I want contained in the scrollpane. I feel this has to be where I am going wrong because most of the time I'll get some sort of error that says it can't load the path. I've tried simply the name of the clip ("groups"), and the relative path to the clip ("_root.section_gallery.groups"). I've also tried setting the contentPath in the actionscript itself (e.g. contentPath = "groups";). None of these methods seem to work.

      I always see the empty scrollpane and all the clip when I play the movie and they always appear as two separate entities on different layers. It just seems that the problem is attaching the two things together. If anyone could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks a ton.