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    Quiz engine


      The link above has a Quiz which is open source. I am having trouble
      editing it. It says "This is simple quiz program by which developer
      just has to set the given parameters by typing questions and their
      respective answers.
      In the movie script you have change the value of variable declared
      "qnt" according to your number of questions.
      Click "proceed" to continue..."

      Basically, I just want a simple Quiz for my application where there are
      multiple choice questions. I don't have much time so any easy option
      will be recommended.

      The download below is the file I'm trying to edit. How do I change the
      questions etc...

      Download: http://www.mediamacros.com/files/quiz-build.zip

      Thanks in advance.

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          Level 7
          If you look in the score, there are a bunch of frames that are numbered
          starting with 0. Each numerically labeled frame has a script on it
          called "question behaviour". If you click once on that behaviour, then
          in the Behavior Inspector, click the little gear icon to enter the
          parameters. Here you have the options.

          On each answer, there is a script that you can click that gear icon to
          set if it is the right or wrong answer.