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    need suggestions for proofreading online help files

      I have created online help docs off an on for many years... and have contemplated this issue several times and never come up with a really good answer.

      Right now, the product manager is tryiing to proof one of the online help files that i've COMPLETELY revamped and he's complaining about the time this is taking and how difficult it is because not all topics are in the TOC...

      so I suppose i could regnerate the TOC and include EVERY SINGLE topic... but I was wondering if anyone else had any other suggestions for best practices when it comes to reviewing online help files.

      THANKS for any input you might have.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Umm!. I have to admit that I find your approach of adding ALL topics to the TOC works as well as any. However it does cause problems where one or more popup topics appear in the same topic. This causes a bit of uncertainty unless there is a clear indication in the topic where a popup exists and an understanding of what TOC topic to look at. What I tend to do is have a piece of text (e.g. see popup titled xxxxx) which has a conditional build tag on it. Then you include the build tag when you compile. I also tend to have all the popups in a separate book in the TOC. You can then easily remove all the popups from the finalised output. It means a bit of tossing and turning between TOC chapters but seems to work reasonably well. You could also produce two printed copies, one containing the popups and another containing the main topic content. Hope this helps solve your conumdrum.