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    Flash Player movies not activating in Internet Explorer

      I had Internet Explorer 6.0 and now 7.0... same thing occurs in both programs... PROBLEM: I have a very simple webpage with Flash Buttons for navigation. When I load the page in IE, the buttons are NOT activated. When I put my mouse over the control, a message reads... "Click to activate and use this control". I have tried to ENABLE every ActiveX control option I can find in IE settings to allow Flash Player to run as an add-on. I have deleted Flash Player and reloaded the page, it asks me to install Flash 9.0 which I have done. But when I load the webpage... the controls are not active till I click on them to activate then I have to click again for the navigation. I AM TOTALLY DUMBFOUNDED and pulling my hair out to get these controls to work. They work fine in FireFox... The HTML code is correct for the Object & Embed tags. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! It would be greatly appreciated!