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    Hyperlinking Sound

      my question is;
      Instead of using a flash player to demonstrate a play-list from a CD on my web page, couldn't I just hyper link a title of a song on the page so when the visitor clicks it or does a mouse over on the title, the song simply plays?
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          Direct file links to MP3s or other sound files:

          1) User will need an appropriate player for the file type.

          2) User will need to have installed the appropriate player plug-in for their

          If you are fairly certain that all users have the correct player and
          plug-in, then you could use this method but it takes a while for the entire
          file to download and for the helper application to launch. On slower
          internet connections (dial-ups), this can take several minutes. Whereas a
          progressive download in the form of an embedded Flash player starts playing
          media right away - even before the entire file has downloaded. This makes
          for a more satisfying user experience.

          Nancy O.
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