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    Newbie question - technique???

      I am new to flash but have been programming C and assembly for years... I have a template that I purchased and have a couple of questions.

      1. Template is found at http://www.studio4creations.com/design/
      Make sure to click on any of the 4 windows to see the stage area that I want to load other info into.

      2. The size of the template is rather large and I wanted to build more pages, but am concerned about the total size...

      a. so I thought about making each new page a separate movie clip and loading it into the lower portion of the template

      b. or should I use html for the remaining pages? I do have some music and sounds that I wanted to keep playing and if I use html for the underlaying pages, the sound will turn off unless I open in a new window, but that looks cheezy!

      c. what technique would you recommend to get around the size limit and still have additional pages that could be added? Stay in flash or use html (still have the sound issues)

      3. If I make more movie clips - can I get them to activate and load from a line of text on the parent page?

      a. what functions in AS would you recommend using. I see that there are many for loading and unloading movies and is there any pitfalls that I should be cautious of?

      4. Also the original flash designer left some variables in the code like S1 and S2 which look like strings to me where they are used, but I cannot find out where they are initialized or loaded. Any thoughts or suggestions where I might look. I have looked thru most of the AS and didn't find it... Also the code is not commented very much so being new to flash I am wading my way thru it.

      5. Any good references to get up to speed with flash quickly for someone that has programmed in C before?

      Anyway - thanks for letting a newbie to flash ask some questions that may be rather elementary...