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    Verity Spider

      I am trying to setup VSpider for one of my sites and no luck so far. This is what I got so far:
      I am running CFMX7 with IIS 6 on Win 2003 Server Web Edition. Eeach site has it's own internal IP address.
      I made sure that site I am trying to index has localhost for host header so when I type http://localhost I get the site.
      I made a batch file:
      vspider.exe -style C:\CFusionMX7\verity\Data\stylesets\ColdFusionVspider -collection C:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\rhspider -include "*/cfdocs/htmldocs*" -start http://localhost/
      Then I went into CFAdmin and added new collection with englishX language.
      I've tried doing different things but every time my collection is coming up with 0 documents!
      What am I missing????