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    updating an XMLListCollection

      I have a Tree component that uses an XMLListCollection as its dataProvider.
      When I receive a response containing an XML from a server, I wish to update the dataprovider by added new nodes, removing nodes not in the new data and updating the attributes of any nodes that are in both trees. The XML is several layers deep.

      Is there a standard way of doing this? Right now I'm traversing both XML's, doing all the updating manually, but this only works partially.

      I am able to update the contents of the tree, and keep the selected node selected. The tree shows new components and removes the old. My only problem is with the scrollbar on the Tree. It doesn't update. So it shows when it shouldn't, or doesn't show when it should.

      So is there another, easier way of doing this? Or is it just that I need to dispatch an event from the dataProvider manually to make the scrollbar update?

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.