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    Can't run app from another machine

      Some time ago, I created a prototype using the Flex 2 Beta tools, and it is working fine on the machine I built it on. When it runs, it reads in some XML files. It runs fine if I run it directly from my file system, or from the IIS server on my machine. But if I move the files to another directory - on the same machine - I cannot run the demo from the file system. I get errors on startup saying "file:...blah.xml may not access Internet URL". Also, if I move the files to a new machine I get the same problem.

      This demo is being used internally to my organization to try to foster the acceptance and potential adoption of Flex technologies within the enterprise, and we have a big presentation coming up and I need to get this to work on a laptop. What would be causing these errors, and how can I fix it? Do I have to install the Flex release version (which I will be doing pretty soon, anyway) and recompile it? I just would like to understand the problem, first.

      P.S. I tried adding a crossdomain.xml file to allow access from any domain, but that had no effect, and I'm not sure how that even works when launching from the local file system.