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    Gahering Data for Random Array

    Angyl Level 1
      I've searched the boards for help on this and doing so has taught me SOME of what I need to do, but not all.

      I think I can construct an array now, but what I need to know how to do is GATHER the data for the array from user-inputted text, then have Flash return a # of those inputs at random.

      It's for drug screening. I need to be able to input Employee names (collected by the array) and then enter the # of employees I want to have tested (say 6 out of 20 names entered). Then I want Flash to give me 6 of those names at random without duplicating.

      Like I said, from searching here, I think I learned how to build the array using the dynamic text boxes. What I haven't seen is how to return X # of that data to the user at random.

      Any ideas?