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    Noob confused by Frames in CS3 (adjust Frames)

      Hello all:
      I would have done a search for my topic but I get an error from the forum search engine every time. :(

      I've been using Dreamweaver in a self-taught sort of way for a couple of years. I tend to learn things only as I seem to need them, so my experience is spotty. I'm very visual-minded, so codespeak means next to nothing to me. Yes, I use a Macintosh. ;)

      Have had to learn to use frames today, and was largely successful, thanks to a 4Dummies book, but am very frustrated but my CS3 Dreamweaver's insistence on removing any ability to adjust (or even select) frames after the frameset and cooresponding html files have been saved. Nothing to see of any help in the 'Frames' panel, either. I should be able to grabNdrag frames to adjust their sizes, just like cels in a table, right?

      Thanks in advance to anyone with any guidance.