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    Animated buttons

      I am building a site at


      I have followed a tutorial to create animated buttons using movie clips, but the result is very jumpy. I have only applied it to the one button 'Picture This', and if someone could have a look and let me know what I am doing wrong, that would be much appreciated.


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          Hi, the area you have chosen to make your button selectable or 'hittable' by only extends to the outline of the type for PICTURE THIS. This means as soon as the user moves his mouse a pixel off the particularly thin letters you have used for PICTURE THIS the button will become deselected, causing the button's movie to jump.

          Add a larger graphical box on top of the type (with the Alpha color reduced to zero in order to make it invisible), to make it easier for the viewer to select your button.

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            Sabbathacker Level 1
            Check to see if your text field is STATIC or DYNAMIC. (Try the static setting.)
            I had a similar problem where I had put a text box over a button I had created. It was set to dynamic and caused the "mouseover" to work ONLY over the actual characters and not one pixel off.
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              sheep-ish Level 1
              Thanks for the tips. It was indeed a little invisible rectangle that was needed, and I have updated the site.

              Now that little problem has been solved here's the next one. How do I make the buttons link to other pages in the website? I am reading through 'Training from the source' but haven't found anything yet.

              Yours in humble ignorance.