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    Simple popup alert

    mgschange Level 1
      I need to tell my users to set their printer to landscape. I can't control their print orientation and I can't change my print parameters in a way that allows portrait to work.

      I wanted to use a simple popup when they roll over the print button, but when I do the print button no longer works. I've tried the Alert and Window components. I've also tried createTextField. In all cases the message appears but then the print button no longer responds to the mouse. Please, what's going on?
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          JustStartingOut Level 1
          Alert has the potential to be modal and that would prevent you from interacting with any UI while it was up. Or, since you mentioned that it's in a rollover, I can't help but think that you're throwing up this window as an defensible shield whenever they try to click the button. Instead, make the button's on(release) handler create an Alert window, and make the handler that you pass to the show() method call your printing routine.