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    Track Time during a Quiz?

      I am unfortunately up against a tight deadline for this project and thus have to use our current mechanism (Breeze Training) to do it....

      I am putting together a certification exam that needs to be available online. I'm well aware of the security/cheating opportunities available via this type of exam but my company won't pay for a testing center to ensure integrity. So....here's the deal:

      - 50 questions, mostly multiple choice but perhaps if I can get the basic functionality I need working then I'll use other types
      - 60 minute time limit

      I've looked into using the following methods to develop the exam:

      1. From scratch using Flash. This way won't work for me because I am not familiar with developing AICC content with framesets and the like.
      2. Captivate 1.1....why bother when it is basically the same as Breeze Presenter, but with an added chance for something to go wrong with the tracking : )
      3. Flash Quiz Templates - my limited testing has resulted in only a pass/fail being tracked per user. No tracking of the individual questions seems to be working on Breeze wih this template (yes, I followed the whitepaper on it).
      4. Breeze Presenter/PPT...as much as I hate to develop a large quiz this way, it seems to be the only way at this point under the timeframe I'm working within. Unfortunately though I need to display the elapsed time on the user's screen while they take the test.

      So I'm not sure how to go about this. I will try to see if I can just create instance variables/properties at a global level if I have to and then just calculate off of those by placing a timer swf on each slide, but I'm not sure if that will work and it seems like a hackjob way of doing things even if it did. Any thoughts/advice is greatly appreciated.